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    by, 31 months ago:

    I would not recommend using white meat, boneless, skinless chicken breast. But if I did I would only boil for about15 minutes. And then grill on low heat with the sauce for about 15 minutes. If you overcook them they will dry out.
    I think chicken thighs would be a much better choice. :-)

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    by, 31 months ago:

    Boiling or braising is great for tenderizing meats that are full of fats and connective tissues.
    But chicken breast and lean cuts of pork have extremely little fat and no connective tissues. And over cooking them the meat itself will dry out because all the natural juices have been cooked out.
    For chicken breast the ideal internal target temperature is 175°F.
    For a pork loin the ideal temperature is 145°F. :positive

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    by grannykandy50, 31 months ago:

    Was going to answer but said it perfectly!!

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