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Liquid smoke

Thread by MamaCanCook, 35 months ago.
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  • by MamaCanCook, 35 months ago:

    I'm not able to use liquid smoke, is there something I can sub for it so I still get that Smokey flavor?
    (Plus if you use too much liquid smoke the food will taste awful and will totally go to waste)

  • by gracey mae, 35 months ago:

    Smoked paprika might work.

  • by, 35 months ago:

    Just a few drops of liquid smoke would be enough. Gracey is right smoked paprika would work well. Or my favorite way, cook it on a charcoal barbeque adding hickory chips. ;-)

  • by jm03, 35 months ago:

    yeah what bbq said do it the best way, on a smoker.

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